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  Work in progress….

I went through a rough time in my life when I got married and had children. Due to some wrong decisions I ended up losing my children to their father and adoption. One day I was a preschool teacher in a Christian School…fast forward a few years, I was a mother who lost her children. I had wrong choices and I had to live with the choices I made. I couldn’t live with myself. I went into a circumstantial depression.  I did not want to take drugs or drink alcohol, so I ate to guide my emotions.

My highest weight in 2008 was 285lbs…I was getting close to 300 lbs. I was on my third marriage(still married). Doctor told me I was diabetic.

2009  life got worse I fell and fractured my back. I went to the hospital…the doctors couldn’t find a brace big enough for my body. I knew I was bad off. I had to take pain pills in order to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

Finally in 2012 my back was getting little better I knew I needed to do something in my life. I decided I needed to lose some weight to feel better. It means picking myself up and starting over.

Henry and I were working for a nutrition company I tried some protein shakes that I really liked.  I lost 30 lbs just trying the shakes. I was on a learning adventure…these shakes had a high amount of sugar. I tried some other shakes.

Just last year I tried Ideal Shake then I tried two other shakes. I like the taste of Ideal Shake the best. The after taste is minimal and sugar is very low or stevia.

As of 2018 I have lost 60 lbs. It is a slow weight loss but I am maintaining it.  I just completed a course on Natural Healing. I am taking another course on Fitness and Nutrition.

Now I have to tighten my diet a little more for a more healthy lifestyle.

Join me in enjoying healthy living. I have a directory of other people who have their own healthy journey. These people did not pay for an ad. These are people who I chose as a health consultant and weight loss adviser.

May you join me in living your best life~

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